The protagonist is introduced today by the German tuner LUMMA Queen joint modified BMW brand G-POWER together to build, and was named CLR 730 RS. Appearance and power have been modified, especially in power, by the G-POWER surgeon, through the installation of a mechanical supercharger, so that the maximum power from the original 500 horsepower to 730 horsepower crazy, which is the origin of its name . The appearance of the installation of a LUMMA tailored for wide-body kit Benz W220 Suspension Compressor, bonnet made of carbon fiber material to build, plus black and white, it seems overbearing. Dress LUMMA suspension system brings with racing class cutter teeth shock absorbers, the ride height lowered 45mm. In addition, LUMMA front 6 4 opposed piston brake kit, to help improve the cars handling. Dynamic, first we say, crazy 730 horsepower VW Golf MK5 Throttle Body for sale, but quite amazing, a powerful impetus to the car delivers outstanding acceleration performance, 0-100 acceleration time of 4.2 seconds and can reach 200 km per hour in 10 seconds 29.5 seconds to break the 300 km / h, but straight line acceleration experts. Compared domineering appearance and crazy performance, luxurious interior atmosphere of the school is using a lot of red and white two-tone leather-wrapped upper center console and steering wheel buy VW Golf MK5 Throttle Body of a large number of applications of carbon fiber material, not only can reduce body weight, but also visually another more fighting.