Yeah! xD I finished my first playthrough of it, and now Im working on bonus stuff and collecting some achievements I missed. :o Im hopefully gonna play more tomorrow, too! :3 I wouldve played more today, but I had to stop because I had to go to church with Mum and Melissa. .3. 

I didnt really do anything else today, honestly! :o But thats okay, it was nice to have a kinda break from stuff, and playing OneShot helped take my mind off of everything Ive been thinking about and probably overthinking and everything too. ^^

Anyway, Id write more here tonight, but Im kind of just out of ideas on what to write for tonight, honestly! 030 Im still pretty tired, and its starting to get kinda late anyway, so I think Im just gonna stop writing here for tonight and either go to sleep or maybe watch a couple videos before I go to bed for tonight. .3.

Buuut Ill be on again tomorrow! So Ill try to get more written here then. ^^

Good night guys! :D